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In the busyness of Christmas it is easy to forget what Christmas is all about, at least, what it is supposed to be about.  it is so easy to forget what it cost Jesus to come to earth as one of us.


the Almighty God, Creator and King of the universe, gave up his heavenly throne, gave up being worshipped and adored by angels and saints, in order to come to us and give us heaven.


Many years ago there was a painter who offended some people by painting a picture of the baby Jesus in the manger, with the roof of the stable throwing the shadow of the cross over his face.  But the artist was right.  Christ was born as a baby in Bethlehem, knowing full well that the cross would follow as surely as night follows day.


Greater love has no one than this - that they lay down their life for their friends.  This is the love of Christmas.  God lay aside his throne - and in Jesus became one of us, like us in every way - and being one of us he further humbled himself and gave his life for us.


In the face of this incredible, beautiful and sobering news there can be only one response - to love God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength, and to love one another in the way that he loves us.  This love is the most important part of the Christmas story.  it is the love of Gpd that brings to us the hope, peace, joy and love that we need.  And it is our love for one another in Christ's name that makes Christmas worthwhile.


The gift of love will endure - that is what Christmas is all about - the gift of love.


Into a world of strength and pride, a child is born, weak and humble.  Having no power - except that power which alone can conquer all others - Love.


Wherever you are this Christmastime and whatever you are doing, may you feel the love of Christ surrounding you and give thanks for the greatest gift of all.


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