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If your on this page I wonder if you've found what you are looking for?  Information about our church, times of services, activities or room hire? And maybe you stumble across this message.  But have you found what you are searching for?


It seems that searching comes from a strong desire to respond to a greater need; the stronger the need, the stronger the desire, the greater the intensity of the search.  At Epiphany we are told that the Magi searched for the Christ Child and ventured by a long tortuous route to a stable in Bethlehem with a desire to worship him.  But what is this desire to worship?  Connected in some way?  Acknowledge something greater than the reality of this world?  I don't know because it doesn't actually say why in the Bible, but I do know that I too am on a quest, a quest to find meaing in my life and to make the world a better place.  I can't say that I have many answers but I do feel that in finding my own baby Jesus I am on the route to finding meaning and if everyone in the world was more Christ-like, then the world would be a better place.


So if you're searching and looking for a direcion of travel, come and join us here at Sherwell so that we can journey together, we can share the questions and do not fear when there are no answers, just more quesions and we can try and find meaning in a world of confusion and chaos.


May God bless your search


Blessings in abundance


















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